Health Is Defined By The World Health Organization

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Health is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as being ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing’. There are many differing perceptions of health in society, some believe health is based on the presence of illness, whereas other people take into consideration their overall wellbeing, and strive to prevent illnesses. Models of Health have been put into place with the aspiration of making a healthier individual or nation. These differ from simply treating any physical or biological illnesses, to looking at trying to make sure a person does not become ill in the first place. The biomedical model is the main model of the NHS in focusing on making any person suffering from any illness better. First a diagnosis is needed in order to identify an illness, this can be done in many ways such as blood tests, and x-rays etc., this can then give a Healthcare Professional a knowledge of what is then causing the ill-health. The second stage is then the intervention, this is making a care plan and then putting it into action in order to improve or cure the health of a patient. This model has high success rates due to the emphasis being on treatment for all, regardless of what lifestyle or living conditions they have. As the biomedical model has evolved, advances in technology and medical research has soared and people can now access vaccinations and immunisations to prevent illnesses, that were once classified as life-threatening. Due to this, life expectancy has now been extended, and the quality of life has been greatly improved. On the other hand, it becomes very costly due to the cost of the care, medication and technology needed for advancements as well as the costs of training and upkeep of the necessary Healthca... ... middle of paper ... can be evaluated and turned into the correct health and safety procedures while also providing education to promote health, thus preventing any illness from happening in the first instance. This would have to look every aspect of the person in order to make a specific plan for them to maintain good health, which cannot be done for every single person. An unwillingness for people to take the guidelines into consideration will also lead to illnesses occurring, meaning treatment is needed from another model. Both the Theory of Planned Behaviour Model and the Social Model look at prevention of illnesses, but do not take into account that the Biomedical Model is always going to be needed, as not all illnesses are preventable, and not all people are willing to accept responsibility of their own health. Whereas the Biomedical Model only looks at a biological diagnosis.
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