Health Insurance and Health Care in America

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In the world today there are many different problems going on that should be addressed. Civic Engagement is something that everyone needs to take part in because other people can definitely use help. In my Freshman Gateway Class we have started a project dealing with the different problems going on. We have split into separate groups and have all chose topics regarding different civic engagement opportunities. The topic that my group chose is Health Care. We have broken that down into different sections to research, so I picked health insurance. I chose health insurance because it is something that is wildly discussed all over the world, it is a very broad topic, so many people have different opinions, and there is so much to talk about. It’s hard to believe that in America not all jobs provide health insurance, no matter how high the person’s salary may be, they should always be awarded health insurance. Health care in America is something that has many ins and outs, many different topics, and health insurance is a major part of that. So many people have different opinions and that brings along problems. Some people believe different things and don’t always have the same opinions about who should be awarded health insurance. One problem with health insurance is that it is viewed by many as too expensive and providing too little coverage. A fundamental problem with health insurance is that participants regard premiums as a fixed cost; hence they perceive a marginal price for health insurance. A low marginal price does not change the fact that health care must be paid for. Thus, health insurance premiums are not at a fixed cost for society. Therefore, health care demand exceeds what it should be given its cost. Perceptions that h... ... middle of paper ... ...paper could greatly influence someone to try to make a change to where we could award health insurance to everyone. I’ve learned that sometimes people can’t afford insurance but, other times it is the insurance companies who are not providing enough insurance and want an outrageous price for something that will barely cover you. Employer based systems are something that should definitely be taken in account when a company is try to provide insurance to its employees because it is a great system that can help more people in this country get insurance. Helping to find a way to make health insurance affordable and effective for many people is a great way for someone to make a difference in this world. It’s a great civic engagement thing to try and help. I fully believe that if we made a change in the health care world America as a whole would be a much better country.

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