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Discussion and limitation

Finding the right keywords in database searching was tiresome. At first the concept of health information systems includes variety of information systems that can be found in hospitals or any healthcare setting.

The quality of the system frequently assessed in this review with user friendly, user satisfaction, workload, time of documentation, quick access, content and design of information in the system.
The findings have also political implications; taking into consideration the patient confidentiality, patient safety and satisfaction. In addition to that health care quality improvement and nursing education have become a priority on the agenda and there is an increasing in public attention.

Quality of care
Nine studies discussed the attitudes of nurses toward the quality of care; system design, user friendly, user satisfaction, workload(17,18,24,29,32–36).
Lee et al. (2005) through a survey to evaluate a computerized nursing care plan in Taiwan, the results showed that the nurses had negative attitudes in concerns mostly about inconvenient access to computers(not user friendly), poor content design, system function, and system integration so improvements were needed(17).

Smith et al. (2005) conducted study in the USA to assess nurses attitudes toward computerized documentation on issues related to the time needed for documentation before and after the implementation. Using the NATC questionnaire and direct observation, the findings showed that the negative attitudes related to elements of the system design and speed of the computers(32).
Lee et al. (2007) studied nurses' experiences using the nursing information system, the overall satisfaction was found to be higher compared to their first study...

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... safety, and cost of care.
Other studies tried to investigate beside the attitudes the factors that may influence nurses’ attitudes such as: age, gender, level of education, position, nationality, duration of computer use, and training.
The negative attitudes of nurses concentrated on issues related to system design where the need of system development and involving nurses in this process is needed to ensure that the design integrates well with nurses’ daily activities.
It is obvious that studies focusing on the attitudes of nursing students toward health information systems are needed. Nursing students’ held positive attitudes to using IT in health care, but also they have no or little education in areas of health information systems so integrating nursing curriculum with courses about health information systems can be one of the suggestions .

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that darbyshire found that the information systems did not enhance nurses clinical practice.
  • Explains the concept of health information systems and its political implications, including patient confidentiality, patient safety, and satisfaction.
  • Explains that nine studies discussed the attitudes of nurses toward the quality of care, system design, user friendly, and user satisfaction.
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