Health Consequences of Smoking; A Social Factor

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Health is a complex issue, there are many levels of causation that contribute to an individual's overall health. Individuals have their own reactions to outside factors that shape how their body works, how they treat their body and how their mind works. Nevertheless, health does not revolve primary around access to health care or having an adequate doctor but also around the social factors, the daily life factors that influence individual's health. A social factor such as smoking contributes to the overall health in people as suggested in who is responsible for Tommy Markham's health in Mama Might be Better off Dead by Laurie Kaye Abraham. Smoking is caused by and leads to dangerous consequences. Tommy Markham's is classified as a “poor, uneducated black man” who is unable to take responsibility for his own health ( Abraham, 134). Tommy was a drinker and a smoker until he suffered from a stroke at age forty-eight that left him partially paralyzed and since then has stopped drinking but still eats unhealthy, does little exercise, and continues smoking (Abraham, 134). Tommy goes to a center where he meets with his provider Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones has had several attempts to change Tommy's daily life, in terms of eating healthier and quitting smoking. In the examination room, Dr. Jones asked whether Tommy had ever tried to quite smoking and Tommy replied with “its just something I do” underlying how Tommy's social factors provoke him to smoke (Abraham, 138). Two social factor suggested in Mama Might be Better off Dead by Laurie Kaye Abraham is his neighborhood and his friends. When surrounded by smoking, one already is affected health-wise and there is the idea that smoking is a social norm. Dr. Jones has informed Tommy that smoking... ... middle of paper ... ...Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking. , 2010. Web. 9 Feb 2011. . "MMWR."State-Specific Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Adults -United States, 2009, 59.43 (2010): 1400-1406. Web. 8 Feb 2011. . Pleis, John, Jacqueline Lucas, and Brian Ward. "Vital and Health Statistics."Summary Health Statistics for U.S. Adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2008, 10.242 (2009): 1-157. Web. 8 Feb 2011. . "The health consequences causally linked to smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke."How tobacco smoke causes disease. Web. 8 Feb 2011. .
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