Health Care Reform

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Obama Care is a controversial health care plan that has been developed during the Obama Presidential Occupancy. The health care plan is designed to provide universal health care for all Americans. The law was signed by the president in March of 2013 and then by the Supreme Court in June of 2013. The status quo of the United States depicts Americans without health insurance, unable to afford health care, or with health care plans that don't fully meet their needs. Many people who are gainfully employed do not have health care because they cannot afford the prices that the employer offers, if at all. There is currently no law or policy in place that makes it mandatory for employers to even offer insurance. Thus, the ability to ensure that employees are being fairly offered health care is non-existent. The Medicaid and Medicare that many people utilized has inherent problems that also make these health care plans uncomplimentary to current health care plans problems. Problems that many have with these two plans come from the provider and the patient side. Often, providers do not want to spend the amount of time for each patient as a result of financial changes that have caused patient procedures to be less profitable for them. As a result, many patients are sent to lower tiered health care providers that do not have the same efficiency level as a physicians to. The result of this practice is that patients do not receive the health care they justly deserve. In other instances Emergency Rooms are over utilized for because of the lack of patient doctor contact, so patients go to the emergency rooms for non-emergency reasons. The goal of Obama Care is to address these issues and proactively address current challenges that the current he... ... middle of paper ... ...ifest regardless. Since this Act does not replace it merely regulates health insurance practices in order to address the more prevalent issues. Also, Obama Care increases taxes on higher earning populations, and larger businesses (). Overall, Obama Care, or the PPACA, has positive and negative aspects. Nonetheless, any efforts designed to improve the health conditions of all Americans should be welcomed. Obama Care, and other efforts to reform our health care systems can only help policymakers learn what does and dos not work. The ground work for quality and affordable health care has been laid and other reforms will come. But, it is important to recognize the impact that these changes are having on the health care systems in comparison to other industrialized nations. Although many do not agree with the all components of Obama Care, the goals should be agreed with.
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