Health Care Professionals: The Role Of The Health Professional

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The role of the Health professional
The aim of this essay is to explore the role of the health professional. This essay will look into the different team members that would be dispatched to the scene of the major incident. It will look into different concepts, such as ethical and moral dilemmas the professional may have to deal with. It will also look in to the professional qualities and values needed to practise in a specific field and explain how and why a professional body regulates practise and conduct for specific professions.
AC1.2 The first team member to arrive at the scene would be the Ambulance crew, the crew would consist of a Paramedic and a technician, and then a Doctor, student doctor, nurse and a student nurse would be dispatched,
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Being able to work as part of a team is vital. You will need to have the confidence to deal with emotionally charged situations. You also have to possess the right values to be a good nurse, so you would to treat people as individuals whilst respecting their dignity, to make the care of people your first concern and to act without delay if you believe a patient, colleague or the environment is putting someone at risk. There is also the “6C’s which are Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment” (Public Health England December 2012). These where introduced in light of the Francis Report and a three year Compassion in Practise strategy in 2013, so the proposal would be that all nurses would be recruited in line with the 6C’s. So this proves that it is vital that potential and current nurses learn and carry out values of nursing in their practise. AC2.1Nurses can be expected to work in a range of different contexts from a hospital setting to out in the community and local Authority services these are all statutory organisations, and are all funded and governed by the government. Nurses also work in non-statutory organisations such as Private Care Homes and Private hospital these organisations are not funded by the government. They are regulated by The…show more content…
The Importance of the NMC is foremost to protect the health and wellbeing of the public. The NMC will also investigate nurses and Midwives who do not adhere to the standards. It also ensures that Nurse and Midwives keep up to date on all training to improve their skills, knowledge and to uphold all professional standards. It allows the public to see if Nursing or Midwifery professionals are under investigation and if so what the reason is and why they are being investigated. It gives the public advice on how to make a complaint and what the correct procedure is for doing this. The negatives would be as it’s such a large organisation and regulates thousands of nurses and midwives it could become very time consuming to deal with investigations. Also the fact it’s so easily accessed means it’s consistently being analysed by the public which could make situations difficult for it
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