Health Care Industry In India

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Health Care Industry In India

A Paper Highlighting the Present Scenario and a Possible strategy to

make the sector attractive

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction. 4

II. Private Health Care Facilities and Providers. 4

A. Government Policy. 5

III. Utilization of Private Health Care Facilities. 5

IV. The Cost of Private Health Care. 6

A. Expenditure. 6

B. Financing. 6

V. Policy Concerns. 6

VI. Regulating the Private Health Care in India. 8

A. Current Regulations. 8

B. Assessment of Regulation. 9

VII. The Challenges Ahead and A Possible Strategy. 9

A. Health Infrastructure in Public Sector. 9

B. Financing related Issues. 10

C. Shape of Private Sector in Medicine. 11

D. Regulatory Issues. 12

1. Consumer Protection Act (COPRA) 12

2. Medical Council of India and State medical Councils (SMCs) 13

3. The Nursing Homes Act 13

VIII. References. 14

List of Tables

Table 1: Typology of Regulations. 6


NHP National Health Policy

O&M Operation and Maintenance

PHC Public Healthcare Centers

CHC Central healthcare Centers

GDP Gross Domestic Product

NGO Non Government Organization

COPRA Consumer Protection Act

I. Introduction


The private sector plays an important role in India's health care

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