Health And Safety Case Study

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1. Plan the direction for health and safety The board should set the direction for effective health and safety management. Board members need to establish a health and safety policy that is much more than a document – it should be an integral part of your organisation’s culture, of its values and performance standards. All board members should take the lead in ensuring the communication of health and safety duties and benefits throughout the organisation. Executive directors must develop policies to avoid health and safety problems and must respond quickly where difficulties arise or new risks are introduced; non-executives must make sure that health and safety is properly addressed. Core actions To agree a policy, boards will need to ensure…show more content…
The board should consider the health and safety implications of introducing new processes, new working practices or new personnel, dedicating adequate resources to the task and seeking advice where necessary. Boardroom decisions must be made in the context of the organisation’s health and safety policy; it is important to ‘design-in’ health and safety when implementing change. How can it be done • Leadership is more effective if visible – board members can reinforce health and safety policy by being seen on the ‘shop floor', following all safety measures themselves and addressing any breaches immediately. • Consider health and safety when deciding senior management appointments. • Having procurement standards for goods, equipment and services can help prevent the introduction of expensive health and safety hazards. • The health and safety arrangements of partners, key suppliers and contractors should be assessed: their performance could adversely affect yours. • Setting up a separate risk management or health and safety committee as a subset of the board, chaired by a senior executive, can make sure the key issues are addressed and guard against time and effort being wasted on trivial risks and unnecessary
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