Health And Physical Education Case Study

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The primary school classroom is comprised of a wide variety of students with varying degrees of intellectual and physical ability, differing personalities and cultural backgrounds with diverse personal and parental expectations of the role of the education system. It is the role of educators to assess these needs and to accommodate them in an inclusive and non-discriminatory classroom environment. Classroom teaching throughout all subjects should aim to diversify and individualise the learning, provide a fair and impartial learning environment and ensure all students feel their contribution and presence in the class is valued and celebrated. Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) (2015), demonstrates how the varying…show more content…
Humanities comprises of History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Economics and Business. The key ideas highlighted in the Humanities curriculum are for students to develop a sense of cultural heritage, how society evolved, how people and cultures combine to form society, how to participate in society and make informed decisions (ACARA, 2015). Health and Physical Education (HPE), plays a pivotal role in supporting student social and personal development aiming to promote a strong sense of self and aid students to create and manage relationships with others (ACARA, 2015). When used effectively within the education setting HHPE can combine to provide students with knowledge of their own and differing cultures, empathy for their beliefs and cultural differences, experience of democratic collaboration and improved social…show more content…
Kahan (2003), notes that attention should be paid to the Muslim calendar and adjustments made to HPE lessons during periods of fasting. Kahan also highlights possible HPE issues concerning modesty, due to changing facilities and clothing and a possible desire for Muslim students to undertake HPE in single sex classes. Johnson (2000), identifies students of Asian descent may also desire single sex HPE lessons. In the primary education setting this may prove to be challenging, yet it is the role of educators to communicate with the student and their family and to implement suitable solutions to cultural issues, ensuring all students remain included in the educational

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