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Over thousands of years, humans have fought against disease. Doctors plus scientists made sure to create new medicine as well as vaccines to investigate what other diseases are doing in the body. Scientific research was used plenty of times to cure many of illness, such as, one of the new research tools scientists used is cell research. Through cell research, new knowledge specify made it easier to understand these diseases as well. Overall, there are many more benefits from cell research than consequences.
There are benefits; there are also consequences of cell research which was stated before. Cell research is a broad scope in basic molecular and cell biology research ( One of the consequences of cell research explains a prime example, Henrietta Lacks was a woman who had cancer and later died but before she died her cells where every useful but neither Lacks nor her family provided Lacks physician approval to harvest the cells, but, at that time, permission was not necessary nor customarily required. Tension had accrued which discouraged the family from all kinds of i...
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