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New Hazards Any educational plain or public campaign designed should be considerate to the fact that our new hazards come with an increased uncertainty. Unlike a traditional threat our new hazard is implemented by a person with the ability to learn and take advantage of our mistakes. We should also be concerned with implanting an idea in the mind of a person that hopes to cause harm but just does not know how or what would achieve the greatest destruction. A challenge for any instructor will be avoiding our weakness while highlighting the strengths of the new hazards. Because the public is the focus of this education plain, I would focus the information provided in this program to information the public will need prior to, during and immediately after an attack related to the five new hazards, their targets and potential terrorists. CBRNE Most of the public are aware of incidents involving each of the five hazards. The only exception would be a nuclear attack. While we do not want to minimize the impacts that a nuclear weapon could cause if denoted within a major U.S City, our intent should be to reduce fear. We can accomplish this by first highlighting security improvements in the world’s nuclear arsenal which can be credited to programs such as the “Nunn-Lugar program”(Allison, 2007). The Nunn-Lugar program is a program aimed “dismantling, consolidating, increasing transparency and preventing proliferation” by providing military and monitory aid to foreign governments (Bresolin, 2013). As a result of these improvements and the difficulties associated with smuggling a nuclear bomb into the United States. The public should be made aware the most likely approach for causing a “catastrophic” nuclear event within the United... ... middle of paper ... ...likely we should always plain for the unexpected and be ready to respond. Just from an observation as much as the enemy would like to hit the United States hard tactically small attacks draws a smaller response from our citizens. Meaning that the public should be concern with any attacks not just the ones that collapse buildings. Works Cited Allison, G. (2007). How likely is a Nuclear terrorist attack on the united states? Retrieved From: http://www.cfr.org/weapons-of-mass-destruction/likely-nuclear-terrorist-attack-united-states/p13097 Bresolin, J. (2013). The Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. Retrieved From: http://armscontrolcenter.org/publications/factsheets/fact_sheet_the_cooperative_threat_reduction_program/ Bullock, J., Haddow, G., Coppola, D. (2013). Introduction to Homeland Security Principles of all-hazards risk management (4th ed)

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