Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

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Increasing awareness and concerns of consumers regarding food safety and quality, forced many food industries to enhance their products safety and quality by implementing quality assurance and safety management systems. In response to consumer pressure, many industries adopted Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system because it is well known preventative, cost effective system if implemented effectively, as well as it is required by law. HACCP can be identified as a systematic scheme to identify, evaluate and control the hazards. It can be applied to many types of products and processes from primary production to consumption (From farm to fork). However, before a HACCP system is carry out, some basic procedures need to be in place which is essential for food safety and it include factors to control raw materials ,personal hygiene and training ,operational control, waste management, good laboratory practice ,traceability and recall procedures. All of the above mentioned procedures can be under Prerequisite programmes (PRPs) term which was first described by WHO. (Wareing, 2010) Moreover, in order to maintain and strength the HACCP system, quality management system should be integrated such as ISO 9000. ISO 9000 sires of standards are requirements that must be addressed by each company to meet product specification and customer demands every time and on time. (6) Regular management review of problems and customer complaints besides the records and corrective action is undertaken by ISO 9000 quality systems. In fact, the majority of larger food companies have a consumer service section and technical one in turn to handle consumer safety and quality issue as well as communication with the competent authoritie... ... middle of paper ... ...s the radio frequency identification systems (RFID) where the information can be read by a radio frequency link. (FSA, 2002) Moreover, within EUs laws each animal must be tagged with certain information like their origin, the date for slaughtering, and after that stamp them with the abattoir traceability code. (EU ,2007) Overall, traceability system is considered one of the pre-requisite programmes and without such programmes in place, HACCP system will be ineffective. In addition, traceability system is a legislative requirement in which require on each pack a special batch code to aid in product recalls in case of detecting any problem and withdrawal it from the market before reaching the consumer hand and to facilitate international trade ,thus protecting both consumer health and reputation of the food industry . References:
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