Hawaiian History

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Hawaiians should have rights to their own land and not let foreigners disrupt their daily habits and life. If a foreigner takes allegiance to Hawai’i they not only have the accessibility of a citizen but also the perks that go with citizenship. Foreigners would be able to marry the women of Hawai’i while they have wives back home in their previous motherland. Foreigners that are aiding to Hawai’i can stay as aliens and be just as effective. There is no need for them to gain citizenship and take an oath of allegiance for their help. If a foreigner wants a piece a land all he needs to do is take an oath of allegiance and he is able to have a piece of land. If too many foreigners enter Hawai’i, their culture will take over. The majority will consist of the foreigners and their government will take over. Too many foreigners will cause much more damage to the native Hawaiian population. The number of full Hawaiians will decrease if foreigners continue to enter the island of Hawai’i. Foreigners also brought diseases over to Hawai’i and the Hawaiians did not have a sufficient immune system therefore they died. The population went from one million people to 134,000. This was in a span of forty-five years. Since the haoles were immune to the disease they were able to carry on and grow stronger. Hawaiians thought that since the foreigners were not getting sick they must be considered gods. Lies were repeated over and over by the haole and this is how they built there civilization. Not only did they bring diseases but they also brought merchants. These ruthless, money hungry traders wanted land and ports for shipping. As more foreigners came to Hawai’i, more problems occurred. Priest preached the word of God, Christianity, but this was contradictory to the Hawaiian religion and their way of life. The Hawaiians believed that every single thing in the world had a god. The palm trees had a god, the grass had a god, the ocean had a god, the sky had a god, etc. So when Christianity came, the idea of one God was amazing and absurd to them. I despise the fact that foreigners came here and changed almost every aspect of Hawai’i.