Hawaii 's Public Education System

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The Hawaiian Education System- A Long Way From Paradise Hawaii- for many, what comes to mind is a beautiful, tropical paradise of golden-sanded beaches, crystal-clear waters, and softly swaying palm trees moving melodically under a magnificent setting sun. However, behind the notion of Hawaii being the epithet of a tourist-attracting tropical utopia, there is something what people quite often oversee-- its substandard, failing public education system. When it was first established, Hawaii’s public education system was somewhat of prestige. However, due to a numerous amount of broad factors such as issues within Hawaii’s government, economy, and culture, Hawaii’s education system has suffered major drawbacks in its public education system. This contributes to a reverse consequence, as a poor education system can lead to many issues such as low literacy rates and job vacancies. This, in turn, affects the state’s culture, economy, and government as a whole. As a student who has attended different schools across Hawaii (and also in California and a few schools in China), it is very evident that many schools are affected by this, and there are very noticeable differences between each school’s respective success that correlate with its regional economy and culture, and government influence. As a whole, though, it is definitely noticeable that Hawaii is generally doing poorly in comparison to other places. In one of its lowest years, “Hawaii (stood) in the bottom 10 percent” (Daniel Para 3), ranking 46th place as a state in the “2000 Developmental Report Card” (Daniel 2). This reflects on major, recurring statewide issues that greatly detriment its school system. Hawaii’s failing education system is caused by and affects many things. No... ... middle of paper ... ... would be implementing awareness of the importance of education. Maybe students could be motivated when they understand their own power by focusing more on their potential by offering more programs for academia and performing arts in each school. In Hawaii, there are many causes to the failing school system. This includes issues within the government, economy, and culture. It is here that we start to understand that “education can no longer be accepted as separate…(or) as any different from politics or the economy” (Ball 45), because it ties in with those aspects of our community as well. Each aspect of our community can be individually worked on, but in order to really implement change, it is evident that there must be action. By taking steps in order to reach our goal, then our public education system can change for the betterment of our students and our community.

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