Having A Baby Essay

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The Start of Life

I love babies they are so cute and adorable, But having a baby is not that easy and before the baby is born or form it goes through a lot of process. Having a baby is a beautiful thing and everyone was once a baby in their life. Everyone was once an egg and had to grow in their mom’s stomach to become a person. Before the baby can be born it has to stay in their mom stomach for about 40weeks or sometimes less. The baby is form when the sperm from the male enter the female and attach itself to the egg inside the female. The moment the sperm reaches the eggs it is called conception. At the moment of conception, when the baby is forming, it receives 23 chromosome from the male and 23 from the female. Sometime during conception multiple births can occur, when a cluster of cell in the ovum splits within the first 2weeks
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The result of two genetically identical zygotes which comes from the same original zygote. These types of twins are called monozygotic twin. And dizygotic twin which is two sperms fertilizing two separated eggs. This amuse me because something there can be two eggs in the ovary instead one. To determine what kind of traits the child will get, they inherited it from both their parents. The baby sex is mostly depending on the father even though he has no control over it, for the example the mother carries two X chromosome and the father carries an X and a Y. The father either give the child and X which is a girl or and Y which is a boy. As the baby lays inside the mother stomach it eat through its umbilical cord. That so amazing the baby eats it food through mom umbilical cord and that how it grow by eating what the mom eats. When the baby is inside it shared a special connection with its mom that no one else does. That why they say that a mother instantly falls in love with a child from the moment it was in the wound. This chapter was really
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