Hate My Job

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I work at an Italian restaurant called Vic & Angelo’s. There is so many things I dislike about that place; more than I can count on my ten ashy dark fingers. The restaurant has gone downhill since I was hired there a year ago. My coworkers would most likely agree with me especially the ones that have worked there longer than me. I can go on all day on why I hate my job, but the top reasons I really hate working there because of how noisy it is, the smelly areas, and the unfairness to my fellow employees.
Firstly, I hate my job because they are really unfair with everything; servers and bartenders always get special treatment. Servers and bartenders get to do whatever they want whenever they want; they get to sit down and talk to friends that comes to visit without a word being said to them by a manager. One of the server’s friends came in to visit her, and she went to the
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The bathroom smells so bad, and the air fresheners does not work. The smell of the bathroom resembles a porta potty that’s been used over 300 times at Sunfest on a humid Saturday night. It smells like a dumpster that has not been emptied for 3 months straight during the summer. The smell is a haunting; I would of thought something died in there, and the people who use the toilets and don’t flush after makes it smell worse than before. The kitchen also stinks really bad. The kitchen does not smell as bad as the bathroom but it is close. The kitchen has a stench that makes my eyes water when I walk through the door; the smell gets worse when the cooks open up fresh cans of clams. It smells like old sweaty, dirty gym socks. The dirty overused, black dishwater in the back of the kitchen smells identical to the freshly opened can of clams mixed with the smell of three-week old left over Chinese food. The crazy part is that the dishwashers do not think about draining the old dirty water, and putting fresh soap water back in the
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