Hate Groups

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Hate Groups

In today’s society where differences between people are magnified and everyone is discussing diversity, tensions between different groups are remarkably high. The extreme of this tension is brought out in hate groups. Hate groups play off of the stereotypes of specific peoples. They use these generalities in their relentless and often violent persecution of those different from themselves.
There are many groups that practice in such ways, most of them preaching white supremacy. The main goal of these groups is the advancement of the white race by the segregation of other cultures from society. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is probably the best known of these groups. They have been around since the Reconstruction era following the Civil War.
The KKK was set up to build an all white society based on Christian beliefs. They claim that they are not the enemy of non-white, non-Christian people. They believe that all races would benefit from separation from each other because everyone would work better if they are surrounded by their own kind. The KKK states “Our purpose is to unite, organize, and educate the white Aryan masses world wide to the dangers that face our race, culture, and Christian civilization” ( They also claim that they don’t tolerate people of immoral character in their society such as drug users and dealers, thieves, or c...
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