Hate Crimes against Homosexuals

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Hate crimes against homosexuals has a high rate, from 1995-2008 there were 15,351 hate crimes against the LGBT community. Homosexuals are expected to be victimized at 8.3 times the expected rate. Research also has shown that homosexuals are like to suffer the abuse of hate crimes than anyone else. Hate crimes against homosexuals have been brutal and gruesome, lives have been ruined and lost. Emotional, physical, and mental scars will be with these victims for the rest of their lives. The problem is there are really no laws protecting individuals who are homosexual from getting abused by people who hate them due to their sexuality. The worse part is that this hatred is spreading to our youth, today’s generation and tomorrow’s future. What kind of example are we setting when we don’t want to allow people to be their selves and to express their uniqueness? Hate crimes against homosexuals are deteriorating the progress we have made in our nation to celebrate diversity and individuality.
Horrendous crimes against innocent people have been going on forever When society does not completely approve of something they do what they think is right to stop it. Youth and young adults are being targeted for feelings that they cannot control or stop. A teen was killed for being gay. He had speech impairment and epilepsy. He was dared to strip at a party then he was drowned in tanning oil. Then members of the party set him on fire .A openly gay man is now paralyzed after being a victim in a hate crime. Scott Jones was stabbed in the back twice and his throat was slashed.In California in 2008, in a junior high school 15 year old Lawrence King was sitting in a computer lab. When out of no where 14 year old Brandon McInerney shot king in the back ...

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...eople just like us heterosexuals, the only difference that they don’t like the opposite sex. We need to begin to discourage this strong hate that we have, what if we discriminated against a person who had down syndrome or cancer? We would be wrong because they can’t help that, but homosexuals can’t help how they feel, they are born like that. We as a nation have to step outside of the box, outside of this idea we consider normal. The fact is that the world is full of diverse and unique people, we live in a world full of differences and we can’t hate someone because they don’t fit into our idea of “normal”. We have to unite and become one even though we are different. So teach our future leaders of tomorrow that members of the LGBT community are not people that we should hate, we should love them and treat them as if they were our friend. Homosexuals are people too.
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