Hate Crimes And Its Effect On Religion

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There are many different types of crimes, that happen all over the world. One of these types of crimes is hate crimes based on religion. These crimes usually happen between members of opposing religions, like Christianity and Islam. There are several different components that go into hate crimes and several concepts on how to prevent or limit these crimes. Hate crimes are crimes motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, and typically involve violence. Religious hate crimes come from a pre-conceived prejudice against a religion that varies from a person’s own belief. These hate crimes happen because the people or societies committing them are not resisting ethnocentrism. This is because people of one religion view their religion as superior to other religions. The reason why religion plays an important factor in these types of crimes is because religion is an explanation for the unknown. Religion is essential in determining cultural identity in societies, it is also a cultural control because it controls the culture through a set of beliefs and values that are deeply internalized in the minds of individuals in the society. The people who commit these crimes were raised surrounded by ethnocentrism and were not only taught that their religion is better and the only pure form but also to use it as a social control. Basically, these people and societies use religion to control others through open coercion, they use religion as an explanation and justification of war on other religions. When people do not comply with the expected religion, it causes these societies to view themselves at war with people who do not conform to the established religion. Societies and people that commit hate crimes believe they are restoring the righ... ... middle of paper ... ...g that one religion is not better than another and that while religion is important it should not be used to control people. Religion is supposed to be a way to explain the unknown, not a way to control people through fear into a certain belief or behavior. Religion-based hate crimes are caused by people using religion to control a society and by growing up with an ethnocentric view of religion. These types of people commit violent acts against people of a different religion because they see themselves at war with varying religions. By seeing themselves at war with other religions, they are justifying their actions. These crimes can be reduce when countries teach their youth about cultural and religious acceptance. By educating children on other religions and cultures, they grow up with a better understanding of the world and are less likely to destroy one another.

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