Hashtag Domination: The Influence Of Social Media Into New Zealand Media Essay

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Hashtag Domination: The influence of social media campaigns into New Zealand media. Social networks and the rise of social media campaigns continue to dominate mainstream media. Their aim to primarily network has evolved into a medium to protest political or social agendas, and amplify minority voices (Kim, 2014). The driving force behind a social media campaign now resonates in the power and participation of digital activism (Hill, 2013). This new wave of activism encourages people from global channels to be advocates of change within society, by triggering awareness, accountability and open democracy (Ramon Gil-Garcia & Sandoval-Almazan, 2014). With this idea in mind, the question proposed is: In what ways did the hash tag #BringBackOurGirls promote online activism and help push the story into mainstream New Zealand media? This literature review analyses specific keywords such as digital activism, slacktivism and identifies the role of media ownership between New Zealand and its…show more content…
The four major media corporations that dominate New Zealand mass media are APN News & Media, Fairfax Media, Media works and News Corporation/Sky. However all these corporations are primarily owned by ‘international financial institutions and a handful of foreign media moguls: Rupert Murdoch, Tony O’Reily and Gina Rinehart. It reports on the dominace of global and pan-regional media corporations, and that they are vulnerable to commercial and shareholder pressures This causes a major issue as noted in the BBC World Service (2007) poll on media ownership, where the owner’s ‘political views are often aired and a risk to democracy is prevalent’ (cite). These report are critical in acknowledging how media is infiltrated into New Zealand mainstream media and to what extent they persuade or obtain
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