Has Advancements Today With Outsourcing and Immigrates Made an Impact on Work Today?

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Today several things have changed in ones workforce from outsourcing to technology advancement allowing us as Americans to be more efficient. Consequently, are we replacing humans with machines and jobs here in the US with workers in other places, in the world? There are many different opinions on this topic ranging from this being a significant advancement for the US, to this is going to leave us with higher unemployment rates. Another issue I will address is immigrants moving to the United States resulting in fewer jobs.

At first glance, technology today allows employees to accomplish more in less time making them feel more empowered at work. According to, Technology and the 21st Century workers today are experiencing flexibility, and better time management with the use of Teleconferencing, Black Berry’s, smart phones, and tablet computers. These devices are helping workers today to be more organized, thus making them a more valuable employee. Overall, most would agree that life is more convenient with the rise of modern technology, but are we slowing replacing jobs with machines? For example, going to the grocery store you do not even have to wait for a clerk, they can go to the quick checkout and scan your groceries yourself. This shows that machines are capable of replacing humans in the workforce attributing to a higher unemployment rate.

Along with advancements in machines, there are controversies of outsourcing to places such as India and China. I enclosed a graph of what outsourcing is and the three different levels. (“Outsourcing”)

Some of the positive effects of outsourcing according to Payroll source in India are that you get service at a lower price; while helping to improve the living standards in o...

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