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Growing up in Colorado, I knew that my family originated from New Mexico but I had not realized the extent of my ancestor’s impact, on my mother’s side, on the development of the state of New Mexico. I remember as a little girl going to my grandparents’ house in Tucumcari, New Mexico and always wondering how they ended up in such a small town but never asked. As I got older I got more curious and therefore I started asking more questions, I then found out that my grandfathers’ family had lived in Tucumcari for a long time and my grandmothers’ family was originally from Silver City. My grandparents met at New Mexico State University and moved back to Tucumcari to help my great-grandparents with the family ranch after my grandfather finished college and they just never …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how their ancestors had a significant impact on the development of the state of new mexico.
  • Explains that many people don't know about the impact of their ancestors on the development of the southwest due to their last name not being the same. they love to see people's reactions when they tell them that their family has roots in the united states dating as far back as the mayflower.
  • Explains that sheriff harvey howard whitehill was born in bellefontaine, logan, ohio and died in luna, new mexico on september 7, 1906. he married harriet stevens and was the first to arrest billy the kid.
  • Explains how their ancestors, the steven's, became part of the family through marriage, and the name antrim was billy the kid’s last name.

When Harvey was 21 years old he left to Colorado for the mining and later joined the Union army at Fort Union, New Mexico. Not long after leaving Ohio, Harvey Howard Whitehill married Harriet Stevens. Harvey Howard Whitehill was one of the founders of Silver City and he was later elected Sheriff. As the Sheriff, Harvey Whitehill was the first to arrest Billy the Kid. Not many know the story but those that do find it amusing. Billy the Kid was arrested by Sheriff Harvey Whitehill for stealing the China-man’s laundry. Billy the kid then escaped the county jail by shimmying up the county jail chimney. Sheriff Harvey Whitehill was attempting to help get Billy back on the right path in life and did not want to keep him in jail long because he had a long life ahead of him but Billy the Kid was destined to be an outlaw and Sheriff Harvey Whitehill’s attempt to get Billy the Kid back on the right track had failed. After being the Sheriff of Silver City for many years, he was elected into the New Mexico Territory Assembly and the Council of the 26th

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