Harvard Renovation Project

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Several years ago, Harvard University began planning a $1 billion renovation project for its 12 residential colleges, which includes 44 historic buildings totaling more than 2 million square feet. Harvard committed itself to achieving ambitious goals with respect to energy conservation as part of the building renovation project. In particular, Harvard seeks to achieve:  Substantial improvements in its energy efficiency;  Major gains in energy sustainability; and  At least a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with its use of energy. To help ensure the achievement of these goals, Harvard decided to develop a Strategic Plan for House Renewal. As a key part of the plan would be a comprehensive energy master plan and a set of Guidelines that would serve as the guiding principles for the renovation project. Based on an intense competition, the university awarded a contract to EYP to prepare the energy master plan and Guidelines. In particular, EYP was assigned to provide the following energy consulting services, all of which are squarely within the scope of SIN 871-211:  Provide consulting advice on how to integrate energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction goals into the overall renovation planning process.  Develop Guidelines for sustainability and energy efficiency as part of Harvard’s Strategic Plan for House Renewal.  Design the Guidelines to help Harvard to achieve a 30% reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) compared to 2006 levels.  Advise Harvard on how to ensure continuing improvements in the future (e.g., through periodic retro-commissioning). (I) A copy of the Statement of Work for the project; this does not count against the limitation of four pages per project. The Stateme... ... middle of paper ... ... historically and culturally significant structures. Finally, the project was complex because Harvard had set an ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction goal. (F) Demonstration of specific experience and/or special qualifications detailed in the Statement of Work (Part I of this solicitation) EYP earned praise from the client for its high-quality work on this project. EYP demonstrated an ability to consider all relevant aspects of energy efficiency, sustainability, and greenhouse gas reduction goals, based on the firm’s extensive experience with energy efficiency studies in similar settings. * * * Statement of Work ***Bob: We will need to insert relevant excerpts from the contractual Statement of Work. Can you please provide me with the SOW for the Harvard contract? I can work with you to figure out which sections we should insert here.***
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