Harry's Story - Fiction

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Harry's Story - Fiction

As Harry fled the shop, in the dead of night, she could hear rats

scuttling along the roof tops and people screaming in the distance.

When she thought that she was far away from the shop she started to

slow down and then she felt more relaxed but somewhere in the back of

her head she couldn't help thinking that someone was watching her

every move.

This thought soon went out of her head when she began to hop on and

off the pavement as she made up way down the road. All of a sudden

there was a gust of wind and the heavens opened to let drop by drop of

rain penetrate the earth's atmosphere. Harry then began to quicken her

pace as she skipped and leaped, twirled and bounced towards an alley

where she sought shelter from the icy cold wind and rain.

While she sat half awake, as not to miss anyone passing, she thought

about whether going to the party was worth losing her friends over,

but as the grey rain clouds squeezed their last drop of water Harry

came to her senses and shouted, "Of course I'm doing the right thing,

I always am."

On that note she sprung to her feet and decided to walk further into

the dark dreary cave like tunnel. When she got to the end she found

several doors dotted along the walls. She placed he ear against each

rusty door in turn but, at one of the she heard a crash from the room

inside. She promptly grabbed the door handle and struggled to open it.

As she pushed the handle she felt a force pulling it up.

Harry then immediately stopped the argument with the door and

pretended to walk down the eerie alley. She then placed her ear to the

door for a second time. This time she didn't hear a crash but a series

of whimpers. She then resumed an upright position and waited for a few

minutes before she lunged at the handle. The door swiftly flew open