Harry Truman As A Hero

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It takes a lot to be called a hero. Robert F. Kennedy once said, “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or the lot of others. Or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.” A hero is someone that will always be remembered for something good that they did. There are numerous reasons as to why one can say Harry Truman is a hero. His commitment and strength began earlier in his life when he decided to serve his country by joining the army during the World War (Miller 132). Harry Truman moved up the ranks starting as a young soldier in the war and eventually becoming a commander of a Field Artillery unit in France (Jenkins 65) .After the war was over, Harry opened up a men’s furnishing store with one of his friends from the army. The store didn’t work out and after a few years Truman was asked to run for judge of the city Jackson Co., Missouri. This started his political career. In 1934 Truman was elected into the U.S senate. Over time, Truman became a well-respected politician and Roosevelt chose him to run with him in the 1944 Presidential election. They won the election by a landslide. Truman ended up being Vice President for a mere 82 days due to the death of FDR and then Truman became the 33rd President of the United States (http://millercenter.org/). Truman became President of the United States at a difficult and decision filled time. World War 2 was coming to an end. Only 2 weeks into Truman’s Presidency Adolf Hitler committed suicide and the allies declared victory. Although the war ended in Europe, the war in the Pacific was far from over. During the War, the British and US were in the middle of making the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen, the atomic ... ... middle of paper ... ... of many political, economic and social concerns, and each decision of the time had a profound impact on the future of the United States as well as its allies. His achievements in both foreign and domestic affairs, where arguably he confronted some of most difficult challenges any American president has faced, are admirable. As the leader of the free world he needed to weigh all the elements and make decisions that may not be popular at the time but with the intention of keeping the ideals of the nations forefathers. From his early childhood in helping his family by getting odd jobs to help pay the bills, to serving his country in the army and finally leading the country through some of its most challenging times. Truman helped our country in many different ways and got us through some of the hardest times, and that’s why Harry Truman should always be remembered

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  • Explains that a hero is someone that will always be remembered for something good that they did. truman's commitment and strength began earlier in his life when he joined the army during the world war.
  • Describes harry truman's political career, starting as a young soldier in the war, and eventually becoming the 33rd president of the united states.
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