Harry Potter : The Story That Defined A Generation

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Harry Potter: the Story that Defined a Generation Every generation has taken certain elements of popular culture, whether it be music, movies, books, or fashion trends, and deemed is as “theirs”. For instance, those who grew up in the 60s claim The Beatles and bell bottom jeans as theirs, and those who grew up in the 80s claim heavy metal music and John Hughes movies. This being said, every generation has its “story”, a film or novel, that they feel connected to, that they claim as their own, and that has ultimately shaped their identity. Harry Potter is this generation’s story; this can be seen in the overwhelming success the books and movies had, its prevalence that remains after the end of the series, and the strong connection that this generation has made with the franchise since childhood. The immense success the franchise has experienced, in both profit and in creating such a large fan base, exemplifies how Harry Potter is the story of this generation. In June 1997, author J.K. Rowling released the first book of what would become a series of seven Harry Potter novels. After two years, during which two more books were released, Rowling sold the film rights to Warner Bros due to the books setting record sales and becoming best sellers in both the United Kingdom and the United States. “The books that harness a world much less dreary than our own and feed into every child 's dream of being magical, powerful and different, was enough to spawn off a franchise worth $24.7 billion in books, DVDs, movies and toys alone.”(Brinded). This monumental success, which Brinded discusses in her article “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Cash”, is due to the loyal fan base that the franchise built over time. The books first caught the attent... ... middle of paper ... ...the use of violence and torture.” These are major themes repeated throughout the series, which the audience has drawn from to shape their own beliefs. With the series providing such great influence over this generation’s way of thinking, it is easy to see how it can be defined as this generation’s story. Over the decades, all generations have regarded certain parts of popular culture as theirs. This could be because the music, film, or fad became initially popular during their time, therefore, it has to be theirs and cannot belong to any other generation; or it is because that generation holds such a strong bond, fascination, and love for that bit of pop culture, therefore, no other generation could possibly have the right the deem it as theirs. In this instance both happen to be true for this generation’s claiming of Harry Potter as being the story of their time.

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