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A brief overview of the Harley-Davidson’s video is that Harley-Davidson, a brand with tremendous staying power. Their motorcycles have become part of an Americana. Truly, proprietors have a special bond with their motorcycle and a passionate relationship that has blossomed into a world largest company’s sponsor owners club. In addition, the motorcycle gives you a pleasant feeling of freedom while on the road. Several people feel a boldness after getting on their Hog. In 1903 Harley-Davidson’s motor company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by three Davidson brothers and a friend, Bill Harley. They had an idea in a shed to create a better bike, and they put an engine on a bicycle and Harley-Davidson was born. In 1911 they built their first factory and years later they marketed their motorcycles overseas. Currently, Harley-Davidson is a $5 billion company with more than 900,000 Harley owners’ group members and more than 1200 dealerships worldwide. Growth is partly attributed to the true passion Harley-Davidson owners feel about the brand. Harley-Davidson, the brand seems to get into...

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