Harlem Renaissance Research Paper

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continued this act of stealing. Mrs. Jones leaves Rodgers alone and he thinks about how he could easily escape and take her money, nonetheless he gained trust from Mrs.Jones and she then gave him ten dollars so he could be able to buy the shoes he wanted. On page 3 Hughes states, “Now here, take this ten dollars and buy yourself some blue suede shoes. And next time, do not make the mistake of latching onto my pocketbook nor anybody else’s— because shoes come by devilish like that will burn your feet.”. This shows that if Rodgers would’ve just asked for the money instead of trying to rob Mrs.Jones then she would’ve gave him the money. Trying to get the things you want can make you do devilish acts and it’s gonna burn you when you do the act.…show more content…
It also helped get recognition due to some situations because these two talented and respected authors expressed what they were seeing and what was happening during that time. Expressing how it hurt us as a culture with some of the things that were happening but they stood up and expressed themselves in poetry, songs, dance and everything. The Harlem Renaissance had an explosive impact on the culture and made a trademark in history. Taking everything into account, the Harlem Renaissance was extremely noteworthy in light of the fact that it denoted a minute when white America began perceiving the scholarly commitments of Blacks and then again African Americans stated their personality mentally and connected their battle to that of blacks the world over and planted the seeds for what might later turn into the Civil Rights development and out of the blue gave us sure and excellent pictures of dark folks. It helped the world understand black African American culture. The Harlem Renaissance was an African American development that happened amid the time of after war America, from the finish of World War I to the center of the dejection in the 1930s. The gathering of African American scholars that made up the development delivered huge amounts of verse, fiction, show, and expositions. The blast in industry realized by World War I caused the development of African Americans from the southern cultivating society toward the northern modern culture of. The social focus of this relocation moved toward becoming Harlem. African Americans felt the feeling of chance that described the 1920s. Despite the fact that they experienced protection from the white group, numerous African American creators flourished amid this time. Claude McKay was the main Harlem author to distribute, and his verse and fiction took a stand in opposition to the shameful acts done to blacks. Jean Toomer praised the legacy of blacks and
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