Harlem Renaissance Historical Movements

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The Harlem renaissance had a major effect on African American history. When African

American migrated to Harlem New York started to fulfill their dreams. African Americans were

very clear that they wanted their dreams to be heard, especially women who were strongly

discriminated. They were strongly subjected to racisms by Americans. They even try to look

elegant but to no luck. African Americans were also subjected to racism. They would get pay

less for their work, even if they did more than white men. African Americans began discussions

in lower Manhattan (Green which village) and upper Manhattan (Harlem). In the 20th century

Harlem was the best spot to be in. Many migrated from all around the country. They mostly

came for work and to get better educated on what they wanted to do with their lives. In the early

1900 Harlem soon became an African American neighborhood. The way they really interacted

with each other was thru church. They were very religious so they made a church group. Many

more African American joined during world war one. New York was not the only city for

migrating African Americans. Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit were also very populated.

Many think Harlem was home to only African Americans but that is not true, it has been a safe

haven to many racism and ethnic groups such as Dutch, Irish, German, Italians and Jewish. The

great depression rocked and devastated all communities including Harlem. Unemployment was

very high to the point where many Africans Americans were on the streets trying to survive and

support their families. They were in a difficult situation in those times. Many riots were

eminent due to the fact of the high...

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...ocused on migrated on urban centers. As the band together, they began

to show their artistic talent to make songs right, write novels, and create poems too. All of

these important points that I just stated shaped the Harlem Renaissance as we know it now. A

very important part and not only African American history in the lives and each on every one of

us in the United States.

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