Hardware And Software Case Study

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Introduction In the business world, companies must follow certain requirements when considering purchasing IT whether it be Software or Hardware so it is not an inadequate purchase. In a business perspective, it is very bad business as companies do not want to be wasting money that could go into benefiting another vital part of the organisation and this is what I am going to be discussing in this assignment. In addition, I will be considering some of the latest developments in IT and using them to explain how they could be effective in an organisation and how much of an improvement it would be from their old use of IT. Methods to evaluate IS proposals Businesses must evaluate their purchases of IT before they have made it. In terms of Information…show more content…
The costs are mainly hardware and software. There are 3 types of hardware that the company would need to purchase. The front end hardware is technology that the user will interactive with, these can include a monitor, keyboard and mouse, printers, and scanners. The middleware hardware is anything that is used to network the PCs together in the workplace and to the internet. These are cabling, routers and encryption devices, which are very important. Finally, the back end hardware is equipment such as desktop PCs and servers. (Boddy et al., 2005). When purchasing hardware and software it is good for a company to take into consideration all of the uses for the item they are buying as stated here by Boddy, Boonstra and Kennedy (2005, p.124): When considering the total cost of a large project, it may also be worth separately considering any elements of the new system that could be described as infrastructure. These are elements that can be used by more than one system. For example, a national cable network for a bank’s automated teller machines (ATMs) might also be used for a future communications system such as intranet or video-conferencing links. The desktop computers given to office workers for word-processing could also be used for e-mail. Logically the infrastructure costs would be shared across such other projects, and so affect relative costs and
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