Hard Work conditions in Wales: A Source Analysis

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In certain parts of Wales England times were hard for women, men and children. Age barely played any part in the labor coal mines, nor the fact that they are woman and children that were picked to work in the mines. The different cities in England some mines have different requirement of working for all sex and gender in the pits. In some coal mines for women, children, and men to work in the coal mine they were forced to have not one piece of clothing on while working. Woman had different jobs in the mines they were not allowed to seek out to retrieve the coals pits themselves; it was left up for the men to handle. One insight about the mines is that how they would dress the females up like males and have them chained and degraded like downs crawling around the pit. The work conditions that little girls have to endure are pretty much sad. They did most of their work sitting down or even lying down on their backs chipping a way with a pick that the men would use to do the job. For most of the young female’s workers having to chip the coals in unlike requirements made them more...