Happy Love Analysis

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After entering into the statehood of married women, she starts searching for an ideal love. But very soon she realizes the pointlessness of her search. She finds the remedy worse than the disease. For example, she turns to a group of lovers when she fails to find or receive love from her large husband. But they said each of them, she does not love, she cannot love, it is not. In my nature to love, but she can be kind to you. What she needs is not kindness but love. They only toy with her physical body and do not fulfill her spiritual needs. The pain and the agony of not finding a turn lover torment her and a sense of defeat oppresses her and she finds no way out of this limbo of sex and the vicissitudes of married life. She becomes aware of the fact that reliance on body cannot carry her far enough, or barge her to fulfill her ultimate desire; and begins to learn that it is rather a trap which prevents her from experiencing true love. She discovers that, after all, the –pleasures body offers are of cloying and ephemeral nature. In this regard, the Keats’s remark on the difference bet...
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