Happiness Is a Warm Gun

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In Kate Chopin’s short story, “The Story of an Hour” one hour seems like an eternity according to Mrs. Mallard. A life can change in less than a minute. This story really gives a good example of this idea. Around the 1890s when the story takes place, women were oppressed by society. Unfortunately women did not have as many rights as men did, unless they were a widow. Also it was common to see arranged marriages due to the economic situation during those times. Mrs. Louise Mallard has been diagnosed with heart problems; therefore any bad news can be extremely dangerous for her health. Her husband’s death could be too much for her health to bear. Josephine Mrs. Mallard’s sister try find the best way to tell her about Mr. Mallard’s death without her passing out as well. According to the news an accident happen, it was a rail road accident in which Mr. Mallard was aboard. Mysterious feelings, reactions and expressions come out of Mrs. Mallard as soon as she hears the news. Throughout the story Mrs. Mallards becomes a new person, one that not even herself recognizes. But everything changes in less than one second when the door starts to open. Chopin uses characterization, symbolism and irony to show how happiness can also be dangerous.
Mrs. Louise Mallard is the main character is in danger the whole story without knowing it. Chopin uses special suspense, the excitement that the woman feels about the news of her husband’s death. In her words she keeps the attention of the readers and make them find out what is it really the reason for the happiness. She decides not to hear the whole story and she has her reasons. Mrs. Mallard responds, “With a paralyzed inability to accept its significance”. (Chopin 498). Richards her husband’s fri...

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...s all of the readers by showing how happiness can also be dangerous. A simple sentence, a big surprise, or just good or bad news are truly enough for a person with heart troubles to pass away. The story not only relates this particular situation but also make the readers realize how now a days is rare to see this type of cases. Now a days there are strong woman rights and laws. If someone does not feel comfortable or is being lack from their liberty in their marriage, getting a divorce is the best exit to get their freedom. In this world no one should be allow to live under those conditions. Unfortunately Mrs. Louise Mallard did not have the same luck as individuals living in the 21st century have.

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