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What is Happiness?
People always search for happiness, but do they really know what happiness is? Happiness can be interpreted differently for many people. What happiness is? Happiness is the feeling that life is complete and people don’t need anything else to be happy. To be happy people feel complete and accomplished in their life so it could bring them happiness. Happiness is being able to be happy with their lives by having a successful career/ dream job that allows people to get paid what they want, which could bring them happiness, life is also completed by being with the people they love. Happiness is also having a good health, which will help people stay alive and be feeling complete with their lives. When people meet all these criteria
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Most humans cannot stand being alone, they want to be with someone they trust and love. People love to surround themselves with people they love to share good times with. They also need them when they are sad and need someone to be there for them. People can be happy when they are with people they love and trust. When someone meets the love of their lives they cannot stand to be apart from them, they all ways want to be with that person so they could be happy. In the movie “Friends with Benefits” Dylan the main character from L.A. goes to New York for a new job where he meets Jamie Rellis they become good friends and fall in love with each other. They realize that they cannot be away from each other. So they fall in love and stay together which brings them happiness. Happiness also comes from loved family members, when you cannot be happy with out your kids, parents or grandparents. In the television show “Modern Family”, a large family try’s to be normal in our modern society. They realize they cannot function or be happy with out each other being there. They have to be with loved once to be able to work together and function as one family to be happy in the modern society. To be able to be to reach happiness people have to be with their love…show more content…
Without a person health a person cannot be happy or feel complete. If a person does not sleep right he cannot function which cause him to lose his health and be unhappy. It’s also known that if you do not sleep it cause depression. My brother first year of college he did not sleep he would stay up all night and would not sleep which cause him to be cranky all the time. He later became depressed and was incredibly unhappy with his life. He felt incomplete. He was grumpy and could not function. When he got sleep and got his health back he was a lot less grumpy and he was not depressed anymore and he felt happy again. Without person health’s they cannot be happy they will feel incomplete. Without a person health people cannot feel complete with their lives. If a person does not have their health they will not be happy. If a person has Alzheimer disease he or she would forget everything and will not be able to function properly. Which would cause them to be unhappy and their lives will feel incomplete. We need our health to be happy and feel complete in our

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