Happiness Exercises: Improving Happiness And Happiness

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Happiness Exercises
In this paper I will look at exercises that focus on increasing happiness. These exercises are the following gratitude visit, three good things in life, you at your best, and identify signature strengths. After looking at these exercises I will evaluate how they affect someone’s happiness and in what ways they can increase someone’s happiness. Finally I will decide which exercise I would use in an intervention setting as well as how to use it in the intervention setting.
When looking over the exercises that focus on increasing happiness the main effects all of the exercises promote is bettering one’s perception of one’s self as well as helping to see the positive things about yourself. When doing the gratitude
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All of these exercises are aspects of positive psychology. Positive psychology helps to promote the good life. Reeve (2009) states “positive psychology devotes attention to the proactive building of personal strengths and competencies.” In doing all of these exercises it puts this into action by providing ways for the individual to look within themselves to see what their strengths are, to view things to be grateful for, as well as focusing on positive things and not negative things. By doing this it can promote happiness in times when you may not be able to recognize that there are things to be happy…show more content…
When utilizing this exercise I would put it motion by doing exactly as the exercise states. It states to have the individual write about a time when they functioned at their best and then reflect on the personal resources that made that functioning possible. When doing this exercise it helps the individual to see their self in a positive light and focus on what they did to maintain and complete accomplishments that they have set for themselves. In doing this, it helps the individual to do some soul searching as well as thinking more positive. It diverts the negative thinking and maintains focus on ways to cope and overcome obstacles. At times when an intervention is needed, most people are overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of depression or hopelessness and they are not thinking about anything that could be positive, which can make seem that happy thoughts could be almost impossible. This exercise challenges the person to think of times when they were at their best which could promote happy thoughts as well as a feeling of positive emotions. When having these positive emotions the individual can then think of what they did or were doing to be at their best. After seeing the ways they handled things in the past, this could promote ways to better deal with current or future problems in a different light.
Conclusion. In conclusion,
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