Happiness Coca Cola Essay

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Who doesn’t want happiness? The desire to be happy is something we’ve all craved and desired at one point or another. This overwhelming urge that we humans have to be happy is why it is so heavily focused on during consumer advertisements. Company’s realize that if they make their pitch relate to our happiness and things we hold dear to us we are more likely to purchase their product. The advertisement I chose relies on pathos by drawing the viewer in through happiness, the word play in the advertisement that makes a connection between their soda product and happiness and the social media aspect on which American’s in the twenty first century are drawn to.
The Coca-Cola advertisement I chose relies mainly on the writing element pathos to draw
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In big bold letters viewers can clearly see “Happiness Coca-Cola.” The letters are easy to notice and captivate the viewer as soon as they set their eyes upon the ad. The message “Happiness Coca-Cola” is rather simple but straight to the point but yet still proves to be quite effective. The text simply means that Coca-Cola is unmatched happiness. Coca-Cola is a delightful sensation in a bottle that can cause serenity and create unbelievable levels of enjoyment upon consumption. Now Who wouldn’t want to experience something as astonishing as that? Coca-Cola is using the appeal of happiness to further appeal to viewers. Happiness is something everyone wants, needs and depends on to make it through their day. Coca-Cola acknowledges this and uses this in their advantage. The company is clearly using the desire of happiness to draw in viewers to buy their product. In addition to the couple and words in the text the Coca-Cola company has one last major feature that can successfully persuade the viewers to acquiring their…show more content…
In the ad you are capable of seeing “#open happiness” in the top left corner of the screen. If viewers were to get on a social media platform such as Twitter and type in “#openhappines.” they would be directed to regular people drinking their soda products. This probably has to be by far the most vital part of Coca-Cola’s entire marketing campaign. Now ask yourself, why is this hashtag so crucial to selling their product? By doing this Coca-Cola is now removing the idea that might have emerged in your head what if the couple is acting happy. With this hashtag you can see firsthand the genuine reactions of happiness from consumers using their product. Without a doubt viewers no longer see the advertisement as fake or phony. They can now conduct research for themselves going through the hashtag verifying if the product actually lives up to what it’s claiming.
Happiness was the driving force behind this advertisement that made it so successful and well known. Coca-Cola was able to effectively link cheer happiness to their drink creating the thought If I purchase this drink will I ultimately benefit from this purchase and will I be happier. Further, the company was able to tie their soda product as the reason behind the couple’s happiness. By doing this viewer would want to buy this product to improve their relationships as well.
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