Happiness And Happiness Essay: What Is Happiness?

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What is Happiness? Well that’s a question that everyone asks to themselves. Happiness is not something that you can trade; it’s honestly what people find. They want happiness and want to know they will always be happy. But Happiness is like air and water it is a hard emotion to grab on to in one’s hand. How do you know you have happiness? Can you feel it? Does it just happen? These are questions everyone wants a answer to.
Happiness is when you are perfectly fine with who you are in the inside, no can bring you down because you are okay with yourself. You don’t care what anyone has to say because no one is going to stop you from being you. Everyone will try to lower your self-esteem by bullying you or mentioning your flaws. An example of this is a high school girl who is always getting bullied on because she isn’t as skinny as the other girls and everyone makes fun of her weight. But the girl doesn’t let it get to her because she knows she’s a beautiful girl inside and out, she doesn’t let anyone bring her down her happiness she just keeps on going Another example ...
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