Happiness And Defining Happiness

What is happiness? Defining happiness can be more elusive than achieving it. Everyone wants to be happy, we all can say whether we are happy or not but can it really be defined? According to research, yes happiness can be defined in many ways according to each human being.
What makes human happy? Each person designed a life that they want to live therefore everyone is unique in a way. Some people say money makes them happy while others think otherwise. According to studies and research, we can surly say that family and friends contributed a big part to our happiness. Spending time with our love ones including family, partners and friends is one of the biggest factor to happiness because they are our supporting system. Having family and friends
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But psychologists believe that holding back the anger or seeking revenge can only make you just as bitter as the person that hurts you. In order to be happy, you have to let go of all the negativity and forgive those who hurt you in the past. Study show that people who forgives tend to be happier with their selves. Forgiving gives you that relief. For example, if someone steals from you or lie to you, whether they tell the truth or not, you can’t make them. Just be able to be the bigger person and forgive them so that you can move on with your life. Dwelling on the past or what someone did to you can only stress you out and make you anger inside and that destroy you…show more content…
For many years, studies was made on sickness and what causes it such as diseases etc.… but in 1938 Dr. Arlie Bock, the director of the then Department of Hygiene at Harvard University, wondered whether studying sick people was only half of the story. He decided to turn this research around by studying young healthy men. He believed that there were more factors that contributed to happiness and not just money. One research called the Grant study has been following a cohort of 268 Harvard graduates for seven decades, 125 of these men are still alive and 114 are still participating in the study. The other concentrated on 456 men who grew up in inner city Boston. Of this group, 226 are alive and 161 are still active in the study, which requires the men to answer questionnaires every two years and to be interviewed personally every 15 years. After following the two groups from adolescence to retirement, researchers found several factors that predict healthy ageing. They stated that putting a limit on how much alcohol an individual drink, more working out and exercising and maintaining a healthy weight are important. They also found that good marriage, education and mature coping skills can also contributed to a happy life. The study also finds that men experience “warm relationships” later on in life. A man name George Vaillant, tried to measure this study by looking at each individual’s home

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