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What is happiness? This is a question that has been asked since the beginning of time. We are never fully satisfied with various answers that have been provided for us. The reason might be that every person has a different perspective of happiness in life. Rain makes me happy but it does not mean that it makes everyone happy. There are some people who get depressed when it rains. Happiness is a state of mind that is not persistent as life is full of moments of joy, sadness, thrill, boredom and other emotions. My happiness score according to Authentic Happiness website was 2.88 but later when I retook it after focusing on being happy it increased to 3.44 from a scale of 5. So I can easily conclude that Happiness is something we have to work for moreover we can also increase our level of happiness. The three main factors that determine the degree of my happiness are helping others, being positive along with my family and friends.
Happiness can be found in helping others; it not only increases the level of our happiness but it also increases life span and well being. People who are happy are also very helpful people. Volunteering, donating, making people smile and spending quality time with sick are just a few ways we can help others. One important way we can help people and ourselves is by spending our money in a way that it would help others. People often say that money does not buy you happiness but I think that money makes us happy if we use it in the right way, spending money on charity and helping others increases the level of our happiness. I love helping people and spending my money on them. There are a few pe...

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...y? There is no doubt that experiences with family and friends are significant for happiness. We can improve our life and happiness if we tend to focus on things that make us happy. Positive psychology is not only about curing mental illness but also focuses on how to make people happy. Engaging is community by helping others and being positive ensures our well being as we tend to look beyond us and focus on the greater good in life. It gives our life a meaning and that further makes us happy. In the end being happy just comes down to a decision. A choice bestowed in our own hands and only we can make it. It’s a very simple decision with an obvious answer. Only we have the power to change our life, we should think about how become more satisfied and happy with our lives. If we choose to think this way then we can enhance our level of happiness and well being.
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