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Dear Sir/Mam, We introduce oursleves as, we are the manufacturers of Hand made papers & Paper Products in Jaipur, rajasthan, INDIA. Our Paper are 100% Wood Free, Eco-friendly, acid free 100% Hand Made and Re-cycled Paper and No Child Labour. Handmade papers are available in: Hand made Paper with petals of Rose Flowers, Aster Flowers,, Marigold Flowers,,Grass,Jute , Glitter in Gold & Silver, Plain Paper, and, Hand Made Silk Paper, Hand made Leather Paper, Moon Rock Paper, etc., Our regular Sheets are with the quality of 100 GSM, 200GSM If your goodselves wish, we can make any GSM as per your choice and requirements. The Regular size of the Sheet is (Papers ) 22" x 30 " (56cm x 76cm) We can make any size, as per your requirements. We can give the sheets and ream, One ream containing 500 sheet of 2"2' x 30" Any other type of handmade paper your goodselves have required, we can fulfill the same according to your wish. The price for 100 GSM US$ 0.18 per Sheet and US$0.22 for 200 GSM. The price for 100 GSM US$ 80.00 Per ream and US$ 100.00 for 200 GSM. The above price are FOB, only. Please be informed that in the Hand made paper products are:- 1. Diaries regular sizes r 4 x 6 , 5 x 7, 6 x 8 in inches. these r available in a ) Plain Paper diary b) Telephone index diary c) telephone index with Gemstone painting d) Plain diary with Gem Stone. 2. Envelops Regular sizes r 5 x 6 , 5.25 x 7.25 , 4.5 x 9 , 6 x 7 , 7 x 9 3. Paper bags: Regular Size 16" x 16'x 5", 11" x 16"x 4', 7" x 10" x 3", 5" x 6"x 2" and 14"x 4'x 4". I hope the information above will give u a rough idea about the products to your goodselves.

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