Hamlet's Thoughts, Minds And Insanity In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Hamlet, the cornerstone character of Shakespeare 's Hamlet, is thought to be the most complex character of English literature. This characterization is often due to the fact that Hamlet is thought to be mad. The depth at which Hamlet’s thoughts reach is far superior to those around him, leaving him misunderstood. Despite what scholars tend to think, Hamlet was too intelligent for the other characters to interpret his thoughts, words, and actions in any other way than madness. Hamlet is thought to be insane by many of the characters throughout the play, as well as by several scholars who have analyzed the play. When Hamlet speaks, he often does so at such a high and complex level that many think that he is saying these things out of insanity, rather than out of true genius. When Hamlet said that: HAMLET. A man may fish with the worm that hath Eat of a king, and eat of the fish that hath fed of That worm. (4.2.27-29) he is not saying something random, he…show more content…
It was unusual for someone of such high status to show the expert performers how they should perform a play. It was also strange because of the fact that Hamlet requested such an unusual play topic (3.2.1-273). This action, while seemingly insane from far away, was truly ingenious. It allowed Hamlet to see whether or not his uncle was truly guilty of killing his father, which is what Hamlet wanted as he did not wish to act and be punished without knowing whether or not his uncle really was the one who ended his father’s life so abruptly. For him, this was a way to gain peace of mind. Someone who was mentally unstable would not have thought so rationally. Someone like that would have threatened their uncle’s life in order to see if that person was guilty, adding to Hamlet’s ways of complex

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