Hamlet's Speech In Hamlet

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In the play “Hamlet” written by William Shakespeare, the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet, has tragedy occur within his family. The play exaggerates the revenge the prince is called to create upon his uncle, Claudius, by the ghost of Hamlet 's father, King Hamlet. Claudius murdered his own brother and seized the throne and also married his deceased brother 's widow. Shakespeare portrayed Hamlet as a philosophical minded prince who delays seeking revenge on Claudius to prove Claudius’s guilt. Hamlet’s most notable metaphor “to be or not to be” (3.1.53) utters his own existence in the play. The soliloquy questions whether he should continue to “suffer the slings and arrows” or to declare war on “the sea of troubles” (3.1.59-60). Throughout the play, readers…show more content…
Hamlet’s character is not only shown in this monologue, but in other parts of the play too. He learns from the contemplation over life and death that he would rather live and revenge his father 's death than die. Partly because the unknown after death scares him and the other part is because he wants revenge. The speech briefly explains Hamlet’s confusion and overthinking. For example, him continuously going back and forth with himself on whether to continue suffering through life, sleep, or die, and he questions whether to follow the ghost of his father, and whether to seek revenge or not. Even though he has an internal battle, the readers can simply conclude that Hamlet is going to have to make a decision in the end which leads to the death of Claudius. If the reader put his or herself in poor Hamlet’s situation, they can gain knowledge that it is not easy to deal with the death of a loved one’s life alone. Hamlet just wanted to fight against his troubles by putting an end to them. Life often puts us in situations where we do not know whether to give up or continue fighting. Hamlet is faced with a situation in which his only option is to fight fate or continue to
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