Hamlet's Personality Faults

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Throughout Hamlet, written by Shakespeare, Hamlet’s emotions, actions, and thoughts cause much trouble during the play. Hamlet encounters stages of sarcasm, inanity, suicidal tendencies/self-deprecation, and procreation/indecision which develop not only his personality but the play itself. Hamlet uses sarcasm to express his emotions, pretends to be insane (ultimately leading him to become truly insane), self-deprecates throughout the play due to family events, and procrastinates because he is indecisive. Hamlet encounters many life-altering events throughout the play such as his uncle poisoning his father and quickly remarrying Hamlet’s mother, to accidentally killing Polonius thinking it was Claudius, all the way to debating upon: his own death and how to kill his uncle-father Claudius. Hamlet’s decisions and feelings alter his relationship with friends and family, his personality, and the development of the play. Due to Hamlet’s rough life and the non-stop occurrence of family problems, Hamlet became insane, mocking, and sarcastic. Hamlet’s character altered, his personality altered, his relationship with his family and friends altered, and it all was developed by the use of his sarcasm. Hamlet uses sarcasm throughout the play to hide and express emotions, to portray his personality, and to mock or strengthen certain relationships that he has with others. His mother, Gertrude, married extremely quickly to Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius. Claudius was the brother of the Old King, and unfortunately, Hamlet was the only one to know that Claudius was the one to kill the Old King. Gertrude used to be married to the Old King, and a month after his death, she remarried Claudius. Hamlet sarcastically states, "Thrift, thrift, Horatio! the fune... ... middle of paper ... ...r and allows him to express his true feelings about Gertrude and the rest of his family. The question as to whether Hamlet has gone insane or not reflects his personality and shows that so many events in his life are getting to him. Hamlet’s self-deprecation reflects his personality based on his tendency to do this, and it shows that his mental state is unstable. Lastly, Hamlet’s procrastination reflects his true feelings and shows that he is truly indecisive on his choices and thoughts. Hamlet’s personality traits develop so many factors throughout the play, and even Hamlet himself. Throughout the play, Hamlet’s life has a whole and everything included within it is altered due to his behaviors and qualities. Hamlet, his friendships, and his relationship with his family all alter due to his behaviors and characteristics, which ultimately change the whole play itself.
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