Hamlet in William Shakespeare's Play

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Hamlet in William Shakespeare's Play

In this essay I am going to consider the elements which illustrate


Hamlet is a weak revenger, a man with a fatal flaw, a misfit in a

treacherous world

and the instability of his consciousness.

Hamlet’s first soliloquy has crucial significance to the play as it

accentuates his internal

conflict caused by preceding events such as his father’s death, and

distaste for Claudius. The

troubled traits of Hamlet are communicated well by the imagery that is

used in this soliloquy.

Hamlet says that he wants his "too too solid flesh" to ...melt, thaw,

and resolve itself into a

dew". This goes alongside, "How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable

seem to me all the uses of

this world", where the chain of downbeat adjectives, display how

difficult Hamlet’s emotional

state is. These references to words do not merely present his

dejection and adverse condition,

but additionally bring his allusions of suicide to the surface.

Suicidal thoughts establish a

weakness in his character. However he redeems himself as he

comprehends that suicide is

against the ideals of the church, so constrains himself. Hamlet deems

that although people

may suffer pain and cruelty they still choose to live because they are

afraid of what is to come

after death," And makes us rather bear those ills we have than fly to

others that we know not

of? Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,”. He dwells on the

fact that human beings

ultimately are cowards. This may be a general overview, or can be

regarded as an excuse for

his delay in avenging his father’s de...

... middle of paper ...

...r his mother and

Laertes who both fell a victim to Claudius’s deceit. Horatio however

is greatly supportive in

watching Claudius during the play to detect signs of guilt.

Wilson Knight believed that Shakespeare’s Hamlet was an ‘Ambassador of

death’, the ghost

being the one to admonish as it corrupted Hamlet with his 'thirst for

vengeance' and his

instruction to kill.

Subsequent to my reading of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, I ponder on the fact

that he is decisively

influenced by his religious beliefs and obligation to God which his

revenge actions

throughout the play i.e. Hamlet expresses the desire to kill himself

yet holds respect for the

ideals of the church. He also articulates that God has made a law

against suicide, “That the

everlasting had fix’d his canon gainst self slaughter”.
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