Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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The fight for power is an essential part of the play. Each character has a corrupt way of trying to overpower one another. Due to all the sorrow and madness brought upon the play, the characters have no choice but to go mad. This play would not exist without the lust of power. Within the play comes power which bring upon madness, causing corruption.
Each individual character has their own way to fight for the power they seek. Hamlet, Claudius, and King Hamlet are the ones who seek it the most in the play. Hamlet wants and feels the need to avenge his father, Claudius fights to keep the thrown away from Hamlet and to keep the truth from spilling out, and King Hamlet seeks out his sons help to take vengeance on his brother Claudius for his death. Although Claudius and King Hamlet do not become mad with power the fight for power make them corrupt and make them lose their morals and cause them to have no barrier as to what they will do to keep them from losing it. Hamlet on the other hand will do everything it takes to fulfill his father wishes, even if it means his own sanity.
Some would say that Hamlet was mad, but in reality he was mad with power. He goes to extreme lengths to throw off the king and the queen from the real cause of his madness. He misleads them to believing that the cause of his madness was over the loss of his true love, Ophelia. Even though the loss of Ophelia did affect him, the real cause of his madness was him plotting against his uncle to seek revenge for his fathers death. He brings in poor Ophelia into the madness of it all. He enters her room and causes a scene, grabbing her and throwing her as if she was nothing but a rag to him. She did nothing wrong and yet Hamlet treats her as if she should be pun...

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