Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Laertes assessment was right and wrong. All of the characters in this play are guilty of deception, lies, and spying. King Claudius did not act alone, but he was the cause for the majority of it. Killing King Hamlet was part of King Claudius's selfishness and jealousy. King Claudius wanted the crown for himself, he wanted to rule Denmark, and he wanted Queen Gertrude to be his bride. Hamlet found out through the ghost, which was his father, that the king killed him:

Tis given out that, sleeping in my orchard,

A serpent stung me; so the whole ear of Denmark

Is by a forgèd process of my death

Rankly abused: but know, thou noble youth,

The serpent that did sting thy father’s life

Now wears his crown. (Hamlet. i. v. 35-40)

Now is the time that Hamlet decides to take revenge for his father’s death “Haste me to know’t, that I, with wings as swift/As meditation or the thoughts of love,/May sweep to my revenge.” (Hamlet. I. v. 29-31). When the king realized that Hamlet found out what he had done, he had to take action. All of the treacherous plots he came up with were to cover up his crime of killing King Hamlet. However, if it were not for him none of these tragic events would have occurred.

The act of revenge burned so deep within Laertes heart, he would have done anything to avenge his father's death. When he realized it was not the king who killed his father, but Hamlet, he was more than ready to take his revenge. He wanted to kill Hamlet so bad, that any idea or suggestion that came to his attention would have sounded good to him. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were childhood friends of Hamlet "But let me conjure you, by the/rights of our fellowship, by the cons...

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...her weedy trophies and herself/fell in the weeping brook.” (Hamlet. V. i. 173-175). No one knows whether she committed suicide or if she really drowned. In this time, if you committed suicide, you are not allowed to have a proper Christian burial. Hamlet was very upset when he realized his love was gone. It was his fault because he killed her father.

In the end, King Claudius received everything he wanted, but it was short lived. Hamlet did avenge his father’s death by killing the king, but it took extreme measures and many unnecessary deaths to accomplish this. There was no need for all the other deaths in this play, but all the treachery, deceit, and lies caused the death of two families.

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