Hamlet Soliloquy Analysis

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Hamlet Soliloquy Analysis As Act I of Shakespeare's Hamlet concludes, a conversation between the protagonist Hamlet and the ghost of his deceased father, King Hamlet occurs. In response to the ghost's request for Hamlet to take revenge, Hamlet shares his thoughts with the audience in a soliloquy. Through vows and promises, Hamlet's oral reaction to the King's request exposes his full will for revenge. In addition, Hamlet's word-choice begins to exhibit the blind passion and zeal that characterizes his actions throughout the remainder of the play. These components of Hamlet's second soliloquy together exemplify his complete determination, which ultimately allows him to succeed in avenging his father's murder. Hamlet, a character known for his intellect rather than initiative, lacks the gall to take action. The post-mortem request of the king therefore catalyzes Hamlet's decision to act. The ghost initiates Hamlet's actions by providing evidence to justify revenge, fodder for action. Hamlet's true identity can now shin...
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