Hamlet Schemes In Hamlet

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In today’s modern society, hardly people go around killing other people just to get back revenge, but in the novel, “Hamlet”, written by William Shakespeare, it is a constant thing to go around stabbing people to avenge someone else’s death. This book is all about tragedy, because there are so many deaths that happened at the end of the story. . There are many different schemes in “Hamlet”, for example, Prince Hamlet to King Claudius and King Claudius against Prince Hamlet; these two schemes also contain the same similarities with one another.
The first scheme in the book, “Hamlet”, is Prince Hamlet to King Claudius to revenge his father’s death and to find out if Claudius is guilty; to prove that Hamlet uses a play to testify his theory.
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“‘The point envenomed too! Then, venom, to thy work’ ‘Drink off this potion”’ (Shakespeare, pg 281, lines 352-357). In the first scheme, Prince Hamlet was trying to kill King Claudius due to the King murdering Hamlet’s deceased father and the outcome was a success, because Prince Hamlet actually did proceed with the actions of murdering King Claudius; slashing him across his neck with the poisoned sword and forcing him to drink the poisoned cup. “‘My lord, I’ll hit him now’ ‘Have at you now!’ ‘Laertes wounds Hamlet’” (Shakespeare, pg 279, lines 322-331). Also, in the second scheme, King Claudius was plotting to execute Prince Hamlet, because Hamlet found out about Claudius killing his father and have been planning to revenge the late King Hamlet; the outcome was Hamlet slowly dies from a poisonous cut soon leading to his final breath. Finally, these two schemes consist of the same similarities, because they share the same motivation and outcome, which is killing for the motivation and death for the…show more content…
The first scheme, is Prince Hamlet to King Claudius to revenge his father and to find out if Claudius is guilty of killing late King Hamlet and to prove it Hamlet uses a play to testify his theory. The second scheme, King Claudius is against Prince Hamlet. Claudius found out that Hamlet knew he was the cause of his father’s death and is plotting against him to avenge the late King Hamlet, so now Claudius is coming up with plans to end his life without having the people of Denmark questioning Hamlet’s death. These two schemes contain the same similarities with one another, because they both have the same motivation to kill each other and the same outcome, which is
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