Hamlet Role Play Analysis

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Hamlet Written Role play (Enter Ophelia) Ophelia: “Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting, the perfume and suppliance of a minute. No more.” Oh blah, blah, blah! What does he know! He speaks of Hamlet as if he is the one spending countless hours with him. Does he know the affectionate gestures of love that Hamlet displays? No. Does he read the beautifully passionate letters that Hamlet writes to me? No. Then who is he to judge our love? Who is he to say it will not last? Oh and I cannot even begin with father; he is no better than Laertes, in fact, that is where Laertes gets it from! I feel so alone when both of them team up on me and putt me down in such a way. Some days I really do miss the support of mother, oh how I miss her so much.…show more content…
Ophelia: Oh god! What is the frightening apparition I see? It looks like my mother but how is that possible? She passed just a few months before from sudden illness. Ghost: Ophelia do not believe everything you hear. Now, before you say anymore I need you to hear me and listen very carefully to what I have to say. Your father is a murderer. I did not die from a “sudden illness”. You see, your father is very close to the new Dane, Claudius. King Claudius is sinister man. He manipulated Polonius into doing his bidding. As you know the Old King Hamlet has also recently passed, but it is no coincident between his untimely death and my own. Hamlet Sr. and I were murdered by the two serpents. [Ophelia gives an incredulous look of confusion] I see you seem confused. You may wonder, what did you do mother? I understand why they would kill Hamlet Sr., they would profit largely if he were to die, but what did you do? Well my dearest one, I was found out about a secret love affair between Claudius and our seemingly virtuous Queen Gertrude. [Ophelia…show more content…
I was walking towards the King’s garden because that is where we usually meet for our afternoon chats when I heard a ruckus behind a rather large tree. As I approached it, I saw the Queen and Claudius move from behind it. They looked around cautiously before she planted a kiss on his cheek and said “I love you”. They then parted ways and she made her way towards where we usually meet. I was so shocked I could not even comprehend what had happened before my eyes. Gertrude was my dearest friend and I thought we told each other everything. Clearly she did not feel the same way about me, I felt betrayed. I obviously did not give her any hints that I knew what she had been doing behind the King’s back but I knew I needed to do something about this. I did what I thought was the right thing and I told your father, and that was the mistake that killed me. When I told him, he did not seemed as surprised as I was, in fact, he looked more worried if anything. He began spewing out excuses and rapidly became horribly furious. He threw his wine glass on the floor and stormed away angrily. I was so confused. I did not know what I could have possible said to offend him in such a way, all I did was tell him what I saw. He began distancing himself from me more and more every day, who knew it was because that bloody fool was plotting my

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