Hamlet Revenge Scene Analysis

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"Hamlet" is a revenge tragedy written by William Shakespeare. The setting of the story is in the middle ages around the 14th or 15th century. The play is mainly set in the royal palace in Elsinore, a city in Denmark. The story features plenty of deaths and a grueling revenge plot set by our main protagonist, Hamlet. What made "Hamlet" famous was not only it 's classic murderous story line, but also the way that Shakespeare puts together complex scenes. Act III, scene ii was a particular scene in "Hamlet" that captured Shakespeare 's literary genius because he used this scene to advance the play even further. What made this scene stand out are a couple of reasons. First, in this scene, hamlet appears to be more in control of his behavior than other scenes which proves that his sanity is still intact and showing that his insanity is just a decoy for his true plans. Second, this is the scene where Shakespeare revealed to the audience that the ghost…show more content…
Because to the queen, it seems like Hamlet is speaking and looking at nothing. Lastly, the reason why I think this scene was a major scene used to advance the play even further is because it give Hamlet justification for his insanity. The whole time the audience thinks that Hamlet was insane because of a ghost that may or may not be real. But by confirming that the information that the ghost told Hamlet was real, we can conclude that the ghost was real and so the murderous plot for revenge can continue for Hamlet. The play within the play was the turning point for Hamlet, the whole time during the act III scene ii, Hamlet sounds very excited as if the play he was setting up was going to make or break his murderous plot( assuming that Hamlet would drop his revenge plot if Claudius did not react the right
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